Research problem:

    CFO and channel estimation in single user and multi-users OFDM systems


    Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) systems are sensitive to the carrier frequency offset (CFO) caused by mismatch of the local oscillator in transceivers and Doppler shifts due to mobility. The inter-carrier interference (ICI) induced by CFO destroys the orthogonality between subcarriers and causes significant performance degradation, so it is critical to estimate the CFO at the receiver and compensate its effects.


    For single user OFDM system, CFO estimation has been extensively studied.  However, few works considered the effect of unknown timing offset in the signal.  Without accurate timing, most of the existing CFO estimators fail.  In this topic, we derived and analyzed joint CFO and channel estimators that are robust to timing error, under Maximum Likelihood and Bayesian framework, respectively.  We have also studied the effect of I/Q imbalance on the estimation of CFO and channel.  Furthermore, a joint CFO and channel estimator for OFDM-based two-way relay network has also been proposed in a recent work.


    For multi-users OFDM systems (OFDMA / MIMO-OFDM), the main difficulty lies in the estimation of multiple CFOs from different users.  Conventionally, alternative projection, and EM-algorithms are frequently used for multi-parameters estimation.  However, there is no guarantee that these algorithms will converge to the global optimal solution.  In this work, we propose an importance sampling based estimator, which can guarantee to obtain the global optimal solution in a multi-parameter estimation problem.

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