Research problem:

    Iterative channel estimation and data detection for high mobility OFDM systems


     Equalization of fast time-varying channel is a challenging task, as the channel estimated using dedicated full training would be outdated when it is used for data detection.  An idea to solve this problem is to insert scattered pilots among data or superimposed pilots to estimate the channel.  But due to limited amount of pilot and the severe inter-carrier interference to the pilot subcarriers from neighouring data subcarriers, the estimated channel would not be accurate, and subsequently affecting the data detection performance.  This leads to the need of iterative channel estimation and data detection.  The idea is that estimated channel gives a tentative data estimate, which helps to refine the channel estimate in the next iteration, and so on. 


    This study derives iterative receivers for joint fast-fading channel estimation and data detection.  The mathematical tools employed are expectation-maximization (EM) algorithm and variational inference (VI).  A number of  receiver impairments are also onsidered in the derivations, such as the presence of CFO, IQ imbalance, phase noise, unknown narrowband interference, etc.

Representative Publications:

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