Aug 2018     Lunch with visiting summer research interns


      Left from the front:   Yining Gao,  YC WU,  Anbang Liu,  Long-Yin Yung.     Right from the front:   Kaizhi Zheng,  Yue Liu,  Wenqi Shi,   Luyang Lin




Nov 2017    Dinner after Dr. Lei Cheng's oral defense


Back row:    Xueke Tong    Le Xu        YC Wu      Jayden Wu (special guest)    Yunqi Wang      Bin Li

Front row:               Shuai Wang       Yang Li        Lei Cheng        Zongze Li





May 2017  Celebrating my birthday at my office


Bin Li        Xueke Tong         YC Wu        Yang Li        Lei Cheng        Shuai Wang




Coffee time with group members Dec 2015


Bin Li        YC Wu        Shuai Wang        Yang Li        Lei Cheng




YC Wu's research group picture Feb 2015

Feb 2015      Farewell lunch of Dr. Qinliang Su


Back row:         Xin He      Lei Cheng        Qing Yan          Shuai Wang

Front row:        Bin Luo       YC Wu          Qinliang Su        Lanlan He





Apr 2014   Former member Dr. Minghua Xia passed by Hong Kong and visited our group


                     Jingrong Zhou,  Lei Cheng, Qinliang Su, Bin Luo, Qing Yan, Minghua Xia, Yik-Chung Wu





Dec 2012


                    Qinliang Su,    Qing Yan,    Jian Du,    Bin Luo,    Xin He,    Dr. Zesong Fei,    YC Wu,    Na Li,    Jingrong Zhou,   Jihao Li




Dec 2011


                            Jingrong Zhou,    Bin Luo,    Qinliang Su,     Jian Du,       Y.C. Wu,     Ke Zhong,     Rui Min,      Xin He   






Nov 2010.


Back row:     Xin He,    Jain Du,    Minghua Xia,    Y.C. Wu,     Bin Luo,     Qinliang Su

Front:                    Lanlan He,      Mei Leng,    Shaodan Ma,     Rui Min





May 2010.    Jian Du,  Lanlan He,  Rui Min,  Chengwen Xing,  Y.C. Wu,  Minghua Xia,  Mei Leng,  Bin Luo







Jul 2009.  Taken on the day Kun Cai defend his thesis.       Xun Cai,  Kun Cai,  Y.C. Wu,  Jun Zheng,  Mei Leng,  Chengwen Xing




Aug 08.  Taken together with Prof. T.S. Ng's group when Jianwu Chen graduated.

Back row:     Y.C. Wu,  Hongzheng Wang, Chengwen Xing,  Xiao Li,  Xun Cai,  C.W. Ng

Front row:  Jun Zheng,  Yiqing Zhou,  Shaodan Ma,  Jianwu Chen,  Lan Lan He,  Prof. T.S. Ng