In-memory and In-sensor Computing Lab

Dr. Zhongrui Wang's team at HKU EEE works on bio-inspired in-memory and in-sensor computing with emerging devices (e.g. memristors and HEMTs), with a focus on neuromorphic systems, machine learning accelerators, and signal processors. We tackle the research from nanofabrication, atomistic modeling, PCB/chip design, and algorithms.

Work Highlights

Resistive switching for computing

Nature Review Materials 5, 173 (2020)

Ag threshold switching and synapses

Nature Materials 16, 101 (2017)

Memristive self-organizing maps

Nature Electronics 1, 137 (2018)

Memristive deep-Q reinforcement learning

Nature Electronics 2, 115 (2019)

Memristive Conv2D and ConvLSTM nets

Nature Machine Intelligence 1, 434 (2019)

Capacitive neural networks

Nature Communications 9, 3208 (2018)